LSC By-Laws



Upon ratification by the membership, this document shall supersede any and all previously existing documents governing this Club.


The name of the association shall be Louisville Soccer Club. The association shall be under the direction and supervision of the Board of Directors.


The purpose of the Club shall be to develop and promote the development of players and coaches in the sport of soccer under the philosophies of good sportsmanship, teamwork and the learning of fundamentals. The Club is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) through their Ohio Youth Soccer Association-North (OYSA-N) affiliate and abides by their standards and procedures.


The Fiscal year of the association shall be the calendar year, January 1 to December 31.


Section 1 – Membership is open to all Players, Coaches, and appointed Associate Members. Associate Members are persons other than coaches and players that are appointed by the Board of Directors that have voting rights.  Members are considered Voting Members if they are over the age of 18yrs. For those players under the age of 18, one of their parents will be their designated Voting Member.

Section 2 – Any adult can become an Associate Member-provided that such resident has ever been a member of the Louisville Soccer Association.

Section 3 – Only Voting Members are eligible to run and be elected to the Board of Directors.

Section 4 – Any member of the Board desiring to resign from the Club shall submit his or her resignation in writing to the Secretary, who shall present it to the Board of Directors.


Section 1- The Election Meeting of the Club shall be held in November each year at a time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors.  This meeting is open to all members of the Club. The purpose of this meeting is to elect the Board of Directors, to disseminate information to the membership, to keep members apprised of the business affairs of the Club, and to seek the advice, opinions, wants, and needs of the membership.  Notification of the Election Meeting will be made to the members at the end of the Fall soccer season in October of each year.

Section 2- Regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held.  The purpose of these meetings is to provide a forum for the Board of Directors to discuss and vote on proposed issues and actions.  These meetings may be monthly, but the time between regularly scheduled meetings is at the discretion of the Board. Regularly scheduled meetings will typically consist only of the Board of Directors.  However, if a member would like to attend a regularly scheduled meeting or would like to add an issue to the agenda, then a member can do so by oral or written request and subsequent approval by the President of the Club. Board members shall make a good faith effort to attend 75% of all Board meetings.

Section 3- Special Meetings of the Club may be held at the call of the President.  Special meetings may be a physical meeting of the Board, or, in situations where appropriate (time-sensitive or emergent), the President may correspond individually with each member and receive their vote on a certain issue.  Communication can be oral or in writing (email or other written means is acceptable).  A reasonable attempt must be made to contact all Board Members for special meetings.

Section 4- The Board of Directors can choose to make any regularly scheduled meeting or special meeting open to all members (example- The Board may want to have an "open" meeting at the end of Spring or Fall soccer season).  Notifications to the members of the club must be made in advance of any "open" meeting.

Section 5- A simple majority of the Board of Directors present in person shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Club.  For special meetings where attendance is not required (as explained above), a quorum is established, then a majority vote of those members is needed to approve an action or motion.

Section 6- Voting shall be conducted through a roll call, show of hand, or by an oral vote of yeas/nays, with the President voting only in the case of a tie. However, in the event of a tie among a quorum of members in which relatives of the first degree constitute the quorum, one related member shall abstain from said vote so that votes shall be limited to one vote per family. For purposes of these bylaws, first degree relatives include parents, children (biological or adopted) and siblings.

 A secret ballot can be used if requested.  A written absentee ballot will be accepted by the Secretary for the following: election of officers (Board of Directors), removal of officers, and constitutional amendments.  For special meetings that do not require attendance, a vote can be oral or by any written means. Communications between Board members on voting matters via email, text, or other electronic means shall be noted in the minutes of the board meeting at the next available meeting.

Section 7- A motion requires a second and a simple majority to pass.

Section 8- This Club shall refer to, but is not governed by, Robert Rules of Order as a guideline in proper operating procedures.


Section 1 – The business, property, and affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Board of Directors, which shall have the power to initiate and approve plans and programs for the welfare or the association.

Section 2- The Board of Directors shall have custody and management of all assets of the association: and conduct necessary business affairs of the Club.

Section 3 – The Board of Directors shall perform all other duties and shall have other powers as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of the Club.


Section 1 – The elected/appointed officers of the Club shall consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Travel Coordinator, Registrar, Field Coordinator, Social Media/Web Coordinator, Community Coach Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Memorial Tournament Director, and Combined Community League (CCL) Coordinator positions. These positions shall be elected/appointed for a two-year term and assume the duties of the office at the November meeting. The President, Secretary, Registrar, Field Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and CCL Coordinator positions shall be elected in odd-numbered years. The Vice President, Treasurer, Travel Coordinator, Social Media/Web Coordinator, Community Coach Coordinator, and Memorial Tournament Director shall be elected and/or appointed in even-numbered years.

Section 2 – Responsibilities and Duties of Office

A. President*: The President shall be responsible for the overall operation of the Club. He/she shall preside at all Club meetings, develop the agenda for all club meetings, attend outside soccer club meetings, appoint all committees, and be the general representative of the Club in all legal and other matters. He/she will coordinate for the general communication to all club members via newsletter, phone, email, etc. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees. In addition, the President will be responsible for maintaining a relationship with the City of Louisville, City Council, Parks Department, and the local school district.  

*- In order to be considered for the position of Board President, the potential candidate must have served at least 1 year of prior service on the club board and be in good standing within the club, club board and associated leagues of play.  

B. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall monitor all committee activities. He/she shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice-President shall preside over a committee responsible for all equipment. The committee will consist of the President, Vice President, Community Coach Coordinator, CCL Coordinator, and Field Coordinator. This committee will meet at the conclusion of each season to inventory and evaluate the condition of all equipment and determine the need for repair or replacement of LSC equipment. The inventory shall include all goals, balls, ball bags, coaches bags, first aid kits, etc., and shall note the condition of the equipment and suggestions for repair or replacement. This inventory shall be presented to the Board of Directors for review and discussion prior to the beginning of each season. The Vice-President will assist the Field Coordinator in the scheduling of referees for all community games.

C. Treasurer**: The Treasurer shall maintain the Club's financial records. The Treasurer shall make all disbursements by check or debit card, including but not limited to league registrations, referee fees, field rentals, paint/field supplies, and/or other fees associated with field repairs, or club incurred expenses. The treasure is also responsible for maintaining club insurances, and tax responsibilities. 

**- In the interest of the Soccer Club, it should be noted that the position of Treasurer will be an appointed position by the Club Board of Directors.  The potential candidate for treasure will be subject to an interview process by the board and potentially subject to a background and credit check ahead of assuming the position of treasurer. 

D. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of regularly scheduled meetings. The Secretary shall assist in handling the registrations of the community players and assist in the registration process of the travel players. The Secretary shall also be responsible for assisting with social media communications/posts.

E. Travel Coordinator: The Travel Coordinator shall handle all paperwork and related activities to the participation of Travel teams in outside organizations such as (but not limited to) GAASA and OHSTL. The Travel Coordinator shall work with the Field Coordinator for the scheduling of fields for practices and games. The Travel Coordinator will be in charge of communications to Travel Coaches. He/she will oversee travel tryouts twice a year. The Travel Coordinator, along with the Field Coordinator, will meet with travel coaches at the beginning of each season.

F. Registrar: The Registrar is responsible for completing all club registration responsibilities including, but not limited to, updating the online registration website, online printable forms, scholarship applications each season, the development and distribution of club flyers to provide to local schools ahead of open registration, and the order of community jerseys for new and returning players. The Registrar is responsible for forming teams and scheduling all regular-season community games. 


G. Field Coordinator: The Field Coordinator is responsible for the organization of the lining of the fields, preparation of all fields, and any decisions regarding the use of the fields in bad weather. He/she may appoint 2-3 people to a field committee to assist with fields each season. He/she is responsible for the scheduling of the fields for practice for the Community and Travel teams. The Field Committee created by the Coordinator will assist the President and Vice President with equipment. He/she be responsible for scheduling all referees for community and CCL games.  He/she will receive scores from referees via text and provide the scores to the social medial/web coordinator to be posted on Club Website.  He/she will report to the Treasurer who gets paid and how much, with regard to referees.

H. Social Media/Web Coordinator: The Social Media/Web Coordinator shall be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the club website including information posted to the site. He/she shall also be responsible for social media communications/posts and club emails/newsletters in coordination with the President.

I. Coach Coordinator: The Coach Coordinator shall be responsible for recruiting and confirming coaches for all community teams. He/she is responsible for running the Coaches’ meeting, communicating club expectations, providing medical forms, and Lindsay Law forms to all coaches and teams.  The Coach Coordinator will verify all coaches have completed the required concussion training and have been cleared through the Clubs background check process.  He/she is also responsible for maintaining coach contact to resolve player, parent, or member/coach issues. He/she will also assist the Field Coordinator with the scheduling of referees for all community games.  He/she is responsible for the ordering of trophies/medals for community tournaments and the order of coaches’ shirts for new head coaches. He/she will oversee the Tiny Strikers and Little Kicks program and will handle all responsibilities that come with that division.

J. Events Coordinator: The Events Coordinator is responsible for organizing all club events and fundraising (I.e. Pictures, fundraisers, Club nights etc.), and advertising for events and registration. He/she shall communicate to the school systems and promote the club in all communications. Creating and preparing team parent folders each season, delivery of items to teams throughout the season such as player jerseys, parent paperwork, photos, and other items as appropriate. The Events Coordinator may appoint individuals to help with committees and events.

K. Combined Community League (CCL) Coordinator: The CCL Coordinator shall act as the liaison between LSC and all clubs involved in the CCL. The CCL Coordinator, will help with the scheduling of games, the appointment of LSC CCL coaches, organizing playoffs, and ordering trophies/medals for the CCL tournament and the order of coaches’ shirts for new head coaches. He/she is responsible for running the CCL Coaches’ meeting at the onset of each season, communicating club expectations, providing medical forms, and Lindsay Law forms to all CCL coaches and teams.  The CCL Coordinator will verify all coaches have completed the required concussion training and have been cleared through the Clubs background check process.  He/she is also responsible for maintaining coach contact to resolve player, parent, or member/coach issues. He/she will also assist the Field Coordinator with scheduling referees for all CCL games.  He/she will communicate all necessary information to the Registrar in order to ensure accurate game schedules throughout each season.

L. Memorial Tournament Director: The Tournament Director for the Annual Michelle Wilson Memorial Tournament will be responsible for appointing a tournament committee as well as developing a volunteer group to assist with the event, event fundraising, sponsorship, and vendor contracting. The tournament director will coordinate with the President and Treasurer to establish a budget for the annual tournament and will be responsible for adherence to the established budget and completion of vendor contracts.  The tournament director will have the responsibility of advertising and communicating with outside clubs to fill open tournament slots in each age division.  The tournament director will work with the President on communicating the schedule and logistics of the annual tournament with the City of Louisville management, parks department, city council, police, EMS, and local school district as appropriate. The tournament director will have the responsibility of coordinating registration and receipt of payment from participating clubs in the tournament.  Tournament director will be responsible for the selection and ordering of tournament trophies and handling of trophy presentations at the tournament.    

Section 3 – The nominating committee appointed by the Board of Directors shall propose nominations for the officers to the Board of Directors.

Section 4 – Nominations will be open to the floor at the November general meeting of the association, by Board and Associate Board Members.

Section 5 – A simple majority vote of those Members present at the November meeting will elect the officers.

Section 6 – No member shall hold more than one (1) office at a time.

Section 7 - Removal of Board Member: Any member of the Board of Directors may be removed for cause by the affirmative vote of a simple majority of the members of the Board of Directors or a simple majority of the members of the association at a meeting duly called for that purpose. The member to be removed shall not vote. A member of the Board of Directors must call a special meeting for this purpose. Written notification of this special meeting must be advertised to the members not less than fourteen (14) days before the meeting indicating the time, place, and reason for the meeting.

Section 8 – In the event of the death, resignation, removal of an elected officer, or the addition of an elected board position, a replacement may be appointed by the current Board of Directors and this replacement will serve until the next election.

Section 9- The Board of Directors shall appoint subsidiary committees as needed for future growth and/or events supported by the members of LSC. At least one member of the Board of Directors shall be a part of any said committee who will report committee updates and share committee minutes at monthly Board of Directors meetings. Examples of such committees are fundraising or community spring session.


Unless otherwise required by the Board of Directors, the President, Vice-President may execute contracts or other instruments on behalf of or in the name of LSC upon approval of the Board. No individual director or officer may enter into contracts or otherwise legally bind LSC without prior approval by the Board. Prior to entering into any contract for services or goods with any entity in which a member of the Board of Directors has a direct or indirect financial interest, the Board shall approve such contract in accordance with LSC’s conflict of interest policy.


For purposes of these bylaws, a conflict of interest shall be defined as a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an officer, board member, or employee of the LSC.


Board Members shall not receive any salary for their services, as such, but may ask for reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the LSC.


All corporate powers, except such as are otherwise provided for in these bylaws and the laws of the State of Ohio, shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may, by general resolution, delegate such powers to committees comprised of at least one director as may be appropriate and where such delegation is for the benefit of the LSC and its mission.


Section 1 – The Board of Directors shall have the power to adopt bylaws, on an emergency basis, of which bylaws shall not be inconsistent with this Constitution or bylaws. All such bylaws must be submitted to the association for a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting and approved.

Section 2 – Upon passage of this Constitution, the bylaws of the Louisville Soccer Association become active.


The Board of Directors shall not be held personally liable for any legal or financial action taken by the Board of Directors as long as the Board of Directors has acted in good faith in what is considered the best interest of the association, and is not guilty of negligence, misconduct, malfeasance or misfeasance.


The association shall not discriminate against any member, player, independent contractor or applicant because of their sex, race, color, religion, national origin, or age.


Section 1 – This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the membership present at any meeting provided a copy of the proposed amendment shall have been made available to each member of the association at least twenty-eight (28) days before the date of the meeting at which the proposed amendment is to be acted upon.

Section 2 – A complete revision to the Constitution shall be made available online or in writing, upon request.


This Constitution shall become effective immediately upon adoption by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present at such a meeting.

Last Revised at Meeting February 26, 2011, October 17, 2013, and October 12, 2015.

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