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Do we have practice when it is raining, snowing, hailing, etc? 

The Louisville Soccer Club will only cancel practice in the event of thunder and lightening. It is recommended you show up at your scheduled practice time and allow the coach to make the decision at practice.  The Coaches Coordinator will be in contact with each coach when inclement weather is a possibility. 

Does my child need to wear shin guards, socks and shoes to practice?

Please make sure your child is properly dressed for practice.  They should wear a comfortable shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks, and soccer cleats (football and baseball cleats are not permitted). It is also recommended for them to bring a water bottle and a soccer ball. 

Do I need to bring a soccer ball to practice?

Your coach will be issued Louisville Soccer Club equipment including up to eight soccer balls. Depending on the number of players on the team, he/she will normally have enough soccer balls for each kid.  The Louisville Soccer Club recommends your child bring one to practice.

What size soccer ball should my player bring?

PreKinder/Kindergarten division uses a size 3 soccer ball.
1st and 2nd Grade division uses size 4 soccer ball.
3rd and 4th Grade division uses a size 4 soccer ball.
5th through 8th Grade division uses a size 5 soccer ball.

How many practices will my child have each week?

Preschool/Kindergarten practice one day a week for a max of one hour.
1st/2nd grade practice twice a week for a max of one hour at a time. 
3rd grade through 8th grade practice twice a week for 1.5 hours. 
Travel practices twice a week for 1.5 hours.

I am not able to make the practice times my child's coach set for the team, am I able to change teams?

We understand matching up the schedules of volunteer coaches and parents is difficult.  In the event you are not able to have your child at practices due to a scheduling conflict, we invite you to contact the Coaches Coordinator to discuss viable options for your child.  You may contact him at [email protected] or 330-643-1003 ext 5. 


When are games played for community soccer?

All community games are played on Saturdays or Sundays (majority of games will be played Saturdays from 9:00 am - 3:00pm). Your child's coach or Team Parent will hand out game schedules during your first practice sessions.  

When are games played for travel soccer?

Our travel division typically plays under GAASA (Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association) and schedules are released typically two weeks prior to the start of the regular season.  Your child's coach or Team Parent will have a copy of the schedule for you during one of their practices. You may also visit to find your team's game schedule.  If you are not able to locate the game schedule, please contact the Travel Coordinator at [email protected] or 330-643-1003 ext 9.

Are games cancelled due to weather?

Games and practices are only cancelled in the event of thunder and lightning. It is recommended to show up at your game field on time and allow the coaches to make the decision at the field.  If you have any questions, contact the Coaches Coordinator at [email protected] or 330-643-1003 ext 5. 

What do I do if I do not agree with a referee's call?

Referees are an easy target for our frustration and anger when we do not agree with the outcome of a game.  The Louisville Soccer Club recognizes that sometimes referees will make the right call and other times they will miss or make the wrong calls.  It is part of the game and we would like for all parents and family members to restrain from criticizing referees.  See our Code of Conduct documentation.  

Which side of the jersey is home? Which side is away?

Home is blue side of reversible jersey and Away is the white side of the reversible jersey.

How early before a game should I have my child at the fields?

The Louisville Soccer Club recommends players arrive a half hour before games to stretch, warm up, and listen to any instructions from the head coach.  Arrival times may be subject to change depending on each individual team's coach.  Please ask your child's coach to confirm at what time the players are expected to be at the fields on game days.

Where should we park when attending games at Metzger Park?

Parents, family members, coaches, referees, and any other spectator driving to a game or practice is encouraged to use the parking lot at Metzger Park to park their vehicles.  The local police department and park security does not want anyone parking along the grass at the entrance or perimeter of Metzger Park.  The police department and park security have threatened to tow away vehicles parked along the grass, so please refrain from parking anywhere other than the parking lot.  Over-flow parking is available at the Louisville High School on the other side of Nickelplate Street.  As always, please watch your children as they cross the street or as they make their way to the soccer fields. 

My coach recommends my child play up a level, what does this mean?

At times some players pick up soccer skills quicker than others.  Some may be faster, more physical, and need challenged by playing up a division.  This recommendation will come from your child's coach and validated by the Coaches Coordinator.  In the event the recommendation comes during the season, the child will be asked to finish the season in his/her current level and play up the following season. 


Can I request a specific community coach?

The Louisville Soccer Club hosts a Coaches Meeting three to four weeks prior to the beginning of the season where teams are formed via a draft process. By drafting teams, the Louisville Soccer Club mitigates unequal teams skill-wise.  With that, we will not be able to accommodate requests for specific coaches.  

If I am having an issue with my child's coach, who should I contact?

You may contact the Coaches Coordinator via email at [email protected] or via phone at 330-643-1003 ext 5.

How do I become a Head Coach or Assistant Coach?

The Louisville Soccer Club is always looking for dedicated coaches to improve our program.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact the Coaches Coordinator via email at [email protected] or via phone at 330-643-1003 ext 5.

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